Here is a detailed bio of the projects I’ve worked on and the experiences I have gathered.

 2011 & 2012
  • Still worked on SeoEffect and at Eye Filminstitute.
  • Started Master Software Engineering at the Open Universiteit in 2011
  • Implemented an OAI-PMH connection between Kennisnet and Biodesk so information from Biodesk will apear in the search index of Kennisnet.
  • Implemented another OAI-PMH connection between Kennisnet and
  • Build the website
  • Started a large project at Eye Filminstitute, the dutch film museum located at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Building a large system based on Zend Framework, Doctrine 2 and ExtJS
  • Build a system for the word of the year for the publisher Van Dale
  • Started working on SeoEffect and build a large systems with lots of information stored on a MongoDB cluster
  • Quit at Dutch Open Projects and worked for Roxit for a few months but really missed the webdevelopment so continued my own company.
 2006 & 2007
  • Started my own company Aeon Software and done work for several customers building small and bigger websites.
  • Installed and maintained a few Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS) webservers for the hosting of the customer websites.
  • Continued my internship at ConnecTUX and wrote the initial PHP-MAPI extension in C/C++ to connect PHP with MAPI (Messaging API from Microsoft)
  • Internship at ConnecTUX started working on a project to connect Outlook with a Linux server. This is now the project Zarafa. Also build several websites during my internship.
 2001 & 2002
  • Started building websites and done some coding for
  • Also started the bachelor computer science at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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