About me

I’m a software developer working for my own company. At the moment I develop mainly in PHP, Java and Javascript, using Doctrine, Zend Framework, Symfony, ExtJS and MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL. But I’m interested in other languages like C, C++, Scala and Python and the concepts of concurrent and distributed programming.

Besides the technical and mathematical subjects I’m also interested in more philosophical subjects. So now and then I’ll write a article that is about the world we live in and why the things are as they are. Also math has some very interesting surprises that are very interesting to explore. For example the golden ratio is very interesting to read about.

Work experience

2010 – now Co-Owner @ Syntux VOF
2006 – 2008 Software Engineer @ Dutch Open Projects
2005 – 2010 Owner @ Aeon Software

See a more detailed bio for the exact projects I’ve worked on.


2011 – 20?? Master Software Engineering @ Open Universiteit
2001 – 2006 Bachelor Computer Science @ Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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