PHP 5.6

Earlier I wrote about PHP 5.5 that brought us generators and the finally keyword. PHP 5.6 also brings us some nice improvements in the language. PHP is improving with every release, the only problem is that we cannot use these nice features in production because distributions are still a few releases behind.
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PHP the right way

A nice initiative is the website that shows how PHP can be use in the right way with a lot of pointer to developers where to start and how PHP is different to other languages. Keep up the good work 🙂 Click the banner or the link to read more about it.


Hacking PHP

Facebook has launched the programming language HACK as neither a subset or superset of PHP but more a dialect. It adds typing, generics, lambdas and some more features to PHP.
In this blog I will show how some trivial PHP can be translated to HACK and some things I encountered while trying it out.

From PHP…

I start with a simple pure PHP5 class with a constructor and one method that echos the current variable $a. Nothing extraordinary but I want to show what have to be done to convert this code into a hack file.
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